Workshop Notes

Camera Settings
Camera Exposure
Camera Settings Overview

Post Processing Notes (Ps, Lr, iPhone)
Photo Retouching Tool Definitions

Lighting Talk
Anderson Ranch Lighting Talk PDF

Photoshop Notes
Adding Haze + Fog
Combining Multiple Exposures for Landscapes
Frequency Separation (for skin)
Isolating Clouds From a Photograph
Making Clouds
Metallics + Color
Removing a Tattoo
Making Waves + Reflections
Making a GIF with Photoshop

Anderson Ranch Teen Workshop 2017
Resource List

Publish Your Own Book Demo Images
Download Files

Publish Your Photography Book

Lightroom File Structure
PDF shown in class - download

Digital Image Prep For Print and Web Slides
PDF shown in class covering: printers, resolution, color space, and calibration. - download pdf

PHLEARN (Online Tutorials)
Photoshop Tutorials -

Lynda (Online Tutorials)
Online Video Tutorials -

Peter McKinnon (Online Tutorials)
Camera + Photoshop Tutorials - YouTube

Adobe Creative Cloud
Subscription to Lightroom and Photoshop. -

Website Builder
Squarespace -

Artwork Photographer
Wes Magyar -

Artwork Printers
Randy Zahn - private - Boulder, CO -
Jordan Spencer - private - Denver, CO - 303-217-3148
Infinite Editions - commercial - Denver, CO -
Reed Photo - commercial - Denver, CO -